The current age of easy travel has made it conducive to fly to other countries for education, business or job. Even Australia observes, each year, many overseas immigrants. With arms wide open, they are welcomed to peruse their endeavours.

Driving is one of the basic necessities each must know to commute from one place to another. A warm thanks from Quick Start Driving School to the NSW transport authority for introducing supports for the immigrants to ride on roads in NSW.

So, do you need to apply for a license in NSW if you are coming from overseas or any other part of the continent?

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Let us divulge the information to you!

  • First of all, we must tell you that NSW abides by the left-hand side driving unlike 66% of the world’s countries, which are following right-hand side driving.
  • Viola! Good news for visitors from India, the UK, New Zealand and Japan. These states are following the same in their respective countries. It will be easy-peasy for you guys to ride here in NSW.
  • Another good news for you! If you belong to any recognized country, as per NSW authority, you can drive a car or motorbike provided you abide by a few conditions.

What are the conditions that make an immigrant eligible to drive?

As we mentioned above, Immigrants can drive in NSW. But, these conditions must be fulfilled.

  • You must hold an authentic full license of your country.
  • The license must be in English. Otherwise, you need to contact the consulate to perform the necessary conversion in English.
  • With your indigenous driving license, you are always allowed to drive on the roads in NSW. But, you must not be ever part of any kind of violation of rules.
  • If you are coming to NSW from any other part of the Australian continent or you are coming from New Zealand, then you can drive with your state’s driving license for only 3 months.
  • Within 3 months of exemption, you need to apply for the NSW authorized driving license.
  • After application, you have to pass the theoretical and practical tests.
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What is there in the Theoretical and Practical driving test?

There would be three sections of the theoretical exam. The two sections will come under Driver Knowledge Test (DKT – a theory exam) and the last will come under Hazard Perception Test- HPT.

  • The first set of questions would be ‘Give way’ rules. There will be 8 questions asked in total and it is obligatory to answer all eight questions correctly. if you fail in even one question, then you have to re-appear the exam.
  • The next part of the DKT is multiple choice section that bears questions related to traffic rules and regulations. There will bea total of 42 questions and it is obligatory to answer correctly at least 32 to pass the test.
  • The 3rd test will be the hazard perception test. This exam includes questions that check your skill to sense and respond to any hazards while driving. Basically, it is to test the driver’s practical knowledge.
  • Lastly, there will bea practical test conducted where an appointed examiner sits along with you in a car to test your driving skills. Once the examiner feels that your skills are up to the mark, he will pass you in the test. Otherwise, you need to re-appear in the Practical Test.

Are there any challenges immigrant students face to get the NSW driving license?

Usually, students face no troubles while attempting the theory test. But there could be a few who may face language as an obstacle. Thereby, they require help reading and comprehending the questions. In such a case, a student gets the facility to ask for an interpreter. Gladly, this facility is free for newcomers. An interpreter can read out the questions for you in your native language. Thereafter, you can attempt the question.

Coming to the practical test, the language barrier can become a hurdle there even. To make it easy for you, we appoint you an instructor who can make you understand all the rules in your native language. Moreover, we even request the examiners to give flawless instructions to you and gradually you, facing a language barrier, can understand the instructions of the examiner.


If you abide by the rules and regulations directed by the NSW transport authority and clear the exams, it is never tough to get a driving license. Here, at Quick Start Driving School, we try our best to teach you all rules and regulations, and provide tips for driving in NSW.

Hence, you must not worry as we have got your back. Even if you have a language issue, our instructor will make it easy for you to learn and pass the exams on 1st attempt.