Driver Instructor SydneyIt is obvious to be intimidated by any new thing you try to do. Normal people act like that only. What sets you apart is whether you turn down due to the psychological trepidation or you face it and sail through.

We are sure you belong to the latter category!

When newcomers approach us, Quick Start Driving School, we do sense their fears. We analyze their behaviours and appoint a suitable driving instructor who could help the nervous learner. Thus enabling the fellow to get his/her license on the 1st attempt.

What are the core reasons and their solution/s to evade draconian anxiety?

Different Vehicle Makes You Uncomfortable

It is certain that when you get your hand on a new vehicle, it takes a little time to get accustomed. Unlike the old familiar one that you had, to which your reflexes worked automatically without being wary. You were all aware of the movement of the steering wheel, even subconsciously knew until what point you had to steer back to avoid banging the car while parking. Be easy with the new ride, you will get aware of it even after a few drives.

What will my friend think?

It sounds stupid, still, it exists in each one of us – what will the others think that I don’t know driving properly? This inane disgrace causes actual hindrance in learning driving. Consequently, you will take more than usual time to get a hand at driving. Let the deceitful thought be ignored, follow the guidance of the instructor and you shall be learning drivingquickly.

A Dope Loose Hope

Alertness is PRIME while you drive. Intake of excessive alcohol or doping doesn’t only pose a hazard to your life but the lives of others even while you drive on roads of NSW. Of course, it is illegal and you would be impeached by the authorities. But, why to reach that level of disgrace? Won’t it be better if you eschew yourself from consuming banned products while driving? A tragedy could paralyze your mind and you may never dare to drive again.

Have Someone With You While You Drive

Another amazing tip for anxious drivers is asking a friend or family member to be along with you while driving in NSW. Having a close one to talk with has analike effect to listening to positive music. Nevertheless, avoid getting diverted by the chat. This tip is more about having the moral support of someone seated beside you, not becoming a diverting element.

Driving Course is Always Helpful

Going for a driving course, even when you know diktats of driving, should not be measured as a holdup, but as a strengthening to your skills. Hiring anastute driving instructor is one of the best deals you can make. There are abundant of specialized courses planned to increase your skills and thereby, your confidence.

Traffic app could help you to persist calmness

Technology’s main aim is to help menfolk. In the case of driving, using a road traffic app could help you maintain calm and tranquility while driving. How?
Current road traffic apps use real-time data about traffic situations and make you aware of accidents on the way or any other contrary condition on the road. The purpose of these road traffic apps is quite straight forward – to make you attentive in anticipation and keep your cool intact.

Learn Basics of car’s Mechanics

Need not to be a master mechanic, but you must know how to change a tire, change any light bulb of the vehicle, jump-start a battery, incase the car stops, add oil and coolant into the car, and understand all about the warning lights that glow beside the odometer. Cars are conducive to breaking at any place. In such a case, knowing the basics would help you a lot to deal rationally with the impending situation.

Follow the traffic guidelines

Rules and regulations are not being setup instantly. It takes years to have the final version. Even then they may change depending on the situations and needs. Following rules keeps you away from the troubles and saves you from crashes or any other hazards. You must know the rules beforehand.

Last but not least, have fun!

You must enjoy driving! After all, it sorts many of your qualms. Like, going to the market, fetching kids from school safely, and the list would be endless. So, enjoy the pride of being a driver. With that notion, you will learn quickly.


Even if you are nervous, there are means to keep you calm. Point is that you must have determination and conviction. More importantly, a good guide who could boost your morale and teach you the lessons required to drive securely on the roads of NSW.