Safe Driving Course NSW

Driving Tips and safer driving course NSW – Tips for a Safe, Sound and Seamless Driving Experience

We at Quick Start Driving School offer our students a driving course and safer driving licence, that includes experiences with situations where you have to take decisions to secure yourself. The course focuses primarily on the safety of the driver, passenger and of others on the road. The aim is to make you confident and feel secure while driving on the road. We also offer a few handy tips so that you don’t have to worry about parking on the other side of the law.

If you are holding a learner’s license, make sure to be accompanied by a driver who is holding a Full license.

→ Never drive after drinking (your Blood Alcohol Level should be 0.0% as long as you do not have the permanent license).

→ Be alert at all times. Simple tasks, like checking the shoulder zones might sound redundant, but remember that these are blind spots and are the trickiest components in terms of driving.

Do not tow any vehicle until you have obtained a full license.

During night- time, keep in mind not to look straight at incoming headlights and adjust the rear view mirror to reduce glare.

→ Do not take seat belts lightly; they can mean a huge difference of life and death.

Moreover, the general suggestions and instructions to maintaining responsible driving standards are provided. After all, it is wise to remember that the maximum number of road accidents occur due to negligence on the part of the drivers, which can be avoided by staying alert and remembering the driving tips.