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If you are a new immigrant to Australia, you would notice that the laws are different. But there is nothing to worry about because our instructors are trained specifically to provide special attention into the needs of the foreigners.

International Driving License in Australia

Although in Australia, if you are a student from USA, Canada, Japan or any of the European countries, you are not required to go through the driving license tests as most of these countries are recognized to have the same procedure as Australia itself. But even if you are not from any of the Australian driving permit recognized countries, you can still drive around using your original country’s driving license. Below are some important details you need to look at : If you’re moving to NSW from another part of Australia or another country, you’ll need to get a NSW driver or rider licence. You can use your existing licence for up to three months, but after that you must have a NSW licence.

If you have an overseas drivers license, you can drive vehicles in New South Wales with a foreign license till the below-mentioned conditions are follow as-

  • You must be a temporary overseas visitor such as tourists, visa working people, people on business trips.
  • Your overseas license must be valid
  • Your overseas consent must be in the English language, and else you will need a translation copy
  • You should always carry your driver’s license
    Your license should never be suspended or disqualified from driving in NSW

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