It is not just you! Every single parent in NSW does get this worry on the 16th birthday of her/his toddler who asks for the liberty to be declared as a grown up. Excited to step into adulthood, he wants to ride the limo.

Omg! Trepidation surged in your head about the grievous outcomes it may cause since the kid doesn’t know the rules and regulations of driving in NSW. But, it is hard to say ‘NO’. Because it is her/his birthday.

Instead of endlessly worrying, why don’t you seek a solution? Which is simple and mandatory to apply.

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At Quick Start Driving School it is our responsibility to extricate your plight. We are here at your service to teach the feisty teen of yours to be disciplined on road. Our core program to get a Leaner’s license in NSW is not a mere teaching procedure. As the name is ‘core program’, we make sure that the core, the fundamentals per se, are built strong for the further journey of getting a full driving license in the end.

We know the question popping up in your brain lobe! Why should we choose you to teach our kid the rules to fly on roads with discretion?

Know what makes us surpass your doubts…

Astute fleet of Driving Instructors

Our spine is strong that delivers the right and on-time response to the whole institutional body. Our driving instructors in collusion are the construct of the spine of Quick Start Driving School.

• We have male as well as female driving instructors. You may have a preference of gender for the safety concern. Or, in case, you feel your teen kid gels more with a specific gender, we can suggest you the best person among our trained teachers.

• Each of our instructors is RMS accredited. It infers that background checks of all have been done by the NSW transport authority.

• For the mandatory Driver Knowledge Test (DKT – a theory exam), the instructor will give guidance to the young future expert driver.

• All the appointed instructors have 100s of hours of teaching experience. Hence, they know the tips and tricks to hush the overtly thrilled learner to bring a balance of rationalism.

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Dual Control Vehicles Ensure Safety

Need not worry about safety while we deliver the practical driving lessons to your kiddo. You choose the vehicle that you feel fits the need. From our side, we have made sure the following things

• Whether you choose an automatic or manual vehicle, all areRTA-certified dual controlled. So, the accompanying instructor will have the auxiliary control of brakes and clutch always at his feet to dodge any mishappening.

• All the vehicles are serviced on regular basis. This makes sure that no troubles are faced by your kid during his practical driving lessons.

• We provide the list of driving tips beforehand so that the young fellow is proactively acquainted with them.

We Guide You to Apply For a P1 License

Rules are rules! There is no way to escape them anyhow. As per the rules of the transport department of NSW, to apply for the P1 license your kid has to comply with the eligibility criteria

• He should have driven for at least 12 months on the roads of NSW. Thereby, on the 17th birthday, he/she becomes lawfully eligible to go for the next round of license procedures.

• During the tenure of holding a learner’s license, he/she must have never been caught for violating any traffic and road rules. In case of any impeachment holding,an extension of driving with a learner’s license for a few more months could be levied.

• Another mandatory fulfilment is the logbook entries. To apply for a P1 license, the learner must have 120 hours logbook entry. That should have 20 hours of night time driving.

• The appointed instructor can only make those entries in the logbook.

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The wish your just-turned-16 kiddo has been asking for the fulfilment is not what you must fret about. Contrariwise, you must encourage him/her to learn the new skill. After all, it is not a whimsical demand your grown up is asking for, but a necessity that would be useful in the future.

The only effort that has to be put from your side is to choose the right instructor. That can be done if you entail us the nature of your kid and how he must be guided.

The rest is all upon us! He / She will surely get the learner’s, P1, P2 and finally the full license on his 1st attempt. Gift your kid on the 16th birthday of his a driving course, for him to travel his dreams on the roads of NSW.